Friday, March 16, 2012

LOve ur MOm???

Sharing by Siti Hajjar

I heard tt my aunt, Hjh Subainah, had her sugar level slightly high than normal in Dec 11. I was worried abt her condition & recommended to her our Bios Life C. My aunt told me tt she was taking some traditional herbs & will get back to me if she need it.

Last 2 wks, she told me tt she wanted to try on our products. I gv her Bios Life C, nature's tea, super chlorophyll & Daily Produce 24. My aunt started drinking it on 9 Feb 2012. She went for her medical review on 21 Feb 2012 & her dr told her tt her sugar level was almost back to normal. No medication was prescribed to her. And the gd news was my aunt lost 2kg in 1wk of consuming Bios Life C and other products given to her!

My aunt was so happy and she told me tt she felt ahe is more energetic & not feeling sleepy easily. My aunt is happy with Unicity products and will continue with it....!

if you happen to know anyone whos having the same symptom or looking for analternative ways to get good gimmi a buzz..we have safe many lives and giving many hopes to people out there..lets share if u still care!

call/wa/email 012 2048141 (

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