Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Unicity International – Preventive Healthcare And Wellness Home Business Flourishes

Unicity International- I was introduced this company through a friends referral and have been so thoroughly impressed that I had to share it publicly. I was a member of some “un-named” start-up energy drink company that had all the complications a start-up could possibly have. Poor corporate decision makers, bait and switched the compensation plan, etc. Thankfully, my buddy Les calls me and expressed his excitement with the best kept $200 million secret in the home business industry, Unicity International, which happens to be HUGE overseas in 26 countries and is poised to expand rapidly in the USA market in 2010 and beyond. As I researched, I saw they have 11 products listed in the Physicians Desk Reference (PDR), which is in every hospital and doctor’s office in the USA. So the company had the stability and products with credibility. Now I wanted to see how the compensation plan pays. Is it another flawed binary or matrix? Not even close. The compensation plan is simply the “richest pay plan I have ever seen in my 24 years in the industry” according to my upline leadership, a multiple six digit a month former #1 money earner in a billion dollar company.

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The Bios Life Franchise is a division of Unicity International, a global leader in the health and wellness industry. For over 21 years Unicity has been committed to an endless pursuit of nutritional excellence. Unicity International’s products are based on a foundation of scientific research, clinical studies, and world-class quality control.

“Unicity is committed to excellence in everything we do—from the development and manufacturing of our world-class products to the support we provide to thousands of Franchise Owners around the world. Our vision is to become the dominate business enterprise in the nutritional industry.” – Stewart Hughes, Chairman and CEO


Unicity International is dedicated to the continual development of the highest quality nutritional and personal care products in the world. Our comprehensive approach to product development guarantees that our formulas are effective, complete, balanced, and safe. All of our products are based on solid scientific research with ingredients that have published peer-reviewed clinical studies backing their efficacy.

Unicity offers over 120 health and wellness products that meet our exacting standards. Our many unique and patented product formulations have been developed through nutritional, clinical, and medical research to enhance your overall health and well-being.

The flagship of Unicity’s product line is Bios Life —products destined to revolutionize the preventive care industry.


The Bios Life Franchise is a revolutionary concept in the franchise industry. It offers people from all backgrounds an opportunity to take control of their financial futures and start their own franchises working part-time.

Unlike most franchises that require large startup costs, ongoing overhead and fixed costs, a Bios Life Franchise is affordable to almost anyone who wants to own their own business.

Our franchising roots began over 100 years ago with the opening of the first Rexall Drug Store in 1903. In 1990 Rexall launched the Bios Life Franchise model to market one of its most unique, science-based products — Bios Life.

Bios Life is a patented formula of naturally derived ingredients clinically proven to help lower cholesterol and balance blood sugar levels. Thousands of healthcare and medical professionals around the world have helped millions of people with this safe and scientifically proven natural solution to some of the world’s leading health problems.

So there you have it folks, Unicity International, it is going to be an amazing ride in 2012 so please buckle your seatbelts!

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