Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We provide you triple happiness!

Sharing from my partner. Iffa a mother of 3 choose the right vehicle to lead her to Happy Life :)

2012 is jus around the corner...

have you decide what your life would be next year???

will you do the same job??? (Jump Out Off Bed) ....get into the traffic jam? listening to the same radio station? seeing the same boss? hop into the same lift in the same building?

if you are board doing the same thing for the past few can change it!

let's read what Iffa have to say about the Happy Life Project!

Life is all about balance….

What if there’s something here for us to “drink” than “shrink” yet “bloated” with tons of $$$$$ and have double happiness..? Would you wanna give yourself a chance to re-look at it?

I have people asking me, “Ifa how do you juggle between your family, 3 children and your Bios Life Slim Biz?”
My mum always tell me and the answer is - “Balance..” We don’t sacrifice our loved ones..
My sis, Dila ever said - We exchange the ‘quantity time’ with ‘quality time’..

My Secrets

* I brought my kids when I meet up with my consumers..
* I keep in close contact with my mentor tat is my beloved sister, Dila.. We r just phone away..
* I attend biz training at least 1 or 2x a month.. We need to get some skill n knowledge and recharge our brain..
* I did Happy Life Project with customers when hubby is on morning shift or off..
* I request for an I-pad frm beloved hubby.. hehehe..
* he best part, I brought along my family to Kuala Lumpur for leisure and business.. I met up my Malaysian partners in the day and have fun with my family at nite.. That is quality time!

My mum is already old.. My kids need me.. I have only 2 siblings - 1 sister n 1 brother.. I have family.. I can’t simply put them on hold daily hoping they could or would understand my commitments and shower them with games, movie tickets n wat not.. Is Money Everything? But Everything is Money! hahahaha
With “Doa” and “Usaha” and finding the right vehicle, I get them involve together-gether with the Happy Life Project whenever I can..

Have I answer you my fren? - Its easy peasy.. Just drink & shrink and get RM1000-RM10,000 or more every month! you decide....

Join our team for health, time & financial freedom! call/ pm to see you possibilities ...

Yani Hamdan
012 2048141

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