Thursday, November 10, 2011

Testimonial : Mr Suhaimi Kassim

Bios Life Slim + Calcium magnesium+CM plex+Chlorophyll+Native's Lagend Tea

sharing by Dir Suhaimi Kassim

I was injured in 2004 and as a result I had a slip disc. In 2008 I underwent surgery to replace the dics with metal plates and since then I have been depending on painkillers. (morphine, anarex, tramadol, paracetemol, syflex and etc) Because of the high dosage of the painkillers, I developed gastric and also migraine. I have also tried a lot of method such as physiotherapy, acupunture and traditional massage but the pain still persist. I used to sleep with my handphone beside me as I may need it anytime during the night I could "jammed" on my bed and I could not even shout out to my parents who are in the next room as I was in pain. I could only use my handphone to call my parents who will then activate the ambulance. This could happen a few times a year. I also need the window grills to pull me up from my bed every morning as I would have difficulties to get out of bed because of the pain.

My sister then recommended me products from Unicity. At first I told her it is of no use as I have tried so many supplements and medications. But she did not give up on me and keep persuading me to try. At first I tried the Super chlorophyll, Bios Life Slim and Natures Tea. During the first week I feel my body more relaxed and energised. As I experienced the changes within myself, I added a few more supplements for me to consume. I bought CM Plex cream and pills, Glucosamine, Calcium magnisium powder and Native Legends Tea. I religously consumed the products as instructed. I remember one morning about 2 weeks consuming the products, I get up from my bed without using the window grills to pull me up. I was amazed and shocked that I lay back on my bed and try to get out from my bed again. True enough, I did not need the window grills to pull me up from the bed. :) Now even my pain is lesser compared to last time.

Now I am proud to say that for the past 6 months I have not consumed my painkillers and medication. And the best part I have not visited my Orthopedic Specialist for the past 6 months. I am looking forward to see my Specialist soon and get my x-ray done so that I could see the results for myself. Now I replaced my medications with the wonderful world class products by Unicity and I keep adding new products to my shopping list at every purchase. My friends have even commented that I do not look sickly like before. I know I am in the right track of regaining my health.

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