Thursday, November 3, 2011

solution for eczema!

Green Tea Oil -

Miracle Oil for the skin! Unicity is proud to present Green Tea Oil - the first ever Oil-soluble Catechin. Formulated in Japan and now sold in Hongkong ,Singapore and recently in Malaysia, Green Tea Oil has quickly gained the reputation of the 'miracle oil'. Using a patented formulation process with pure green tea leaves, Jojoba Oil, Squalene from olive oil and natural Vitamin E, but without the surfactants or emulsifying agents, Green Tea Oil is the first and only oil based product in the world today, that is safe for babies 6 months and above. With just a few applications twice daily, you will see a visible improvement in your - skin hydration, eczema, atopic dry & cracked skin, sun burns, heat rashes, reduces insect bite itchiness, impetigo - a contagious bacterial skin infection, eliminates fine lines & reduces pore size, reduces freckles & eye bags & wrinkles, reduces scars including stretch marks, reduces cellulite & fat, pimples, prevents bacteria growth & reduces acne, eliminates foot & body odour & hydrates chemically coloured hair.

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