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Friday, October 28, 2011

owh! abang buncit...

Mungkin ramai yg menghadapi masalah yg sama....

Hubby, father, FIL, bf, fiance` and scandal yg berperut gendut aka buncit ...mmm pasti soalan yg sama bermain dlm kepala..."mmmm...bole ke kalau perut diaorg slim sikit, or tak obvious buncit or bila i nampak dia pun mcm mengandung sekali"... i pasti ramai yg berhadapan masalah ni!...

tapi ramai juga lelaki yg jadikan alasan yehaaaa " gendut itu seksi atau gendut itulah prosperous! tapi sebenarnya...mereka tidak mempunyai solution/ mati akal utk mengurangkan lemak di perut bila usia makin meningkat dan kadar metabolism menjadi terlalu lemah :(

jawapannya senang saja... perkenalkan mereka pd Bios Life Slim dan tukarkn routin harian mereka! tak perlu berdiet cuma makan meal 3x sehari dan tiada kudapan in between hours! senang saja ;) take Bios Life Slim 2 - 3x daily

mari lihat hasilnya!......

Dan Watikins sucess with SLIM

Some would say the results were nothing short of a miracle. But I have a secret and the secret is SLIM. After getting a poor health assessment from Dr. Neal, we decided that I would not only start the SLIM "Make Life Better" program, but I would give it my all.

After a few weeks, and 7-12 pounds less, I felt so much better! My back did not hurt as much and neither did my feet. It was exciting and allowed me to start a light program of walking the dog. At first, it was just a mile, but it was a start.

After 2 months, my little walk expanded to intervals of walking and jogging, and my diet was still following the SLIM program 3 times a day. As I approached the 90 day mark, I was down in my waist line so many inches, I had to start poking holes in my belt so it wouldn't hang off my waist!

The 90 day mark is only halfway to the transformation, and the 180 mark is fast approaching. I can't wait to share the rest of the story!

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