Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Discipline, determination and action....telah membuatkan Cik Roslinda kita mencapai matlamat yg diingini!

Matlamat utk kurus cara sihat dan beliau memilih Bios Life Slim untuk mewarnai kehidupan barunya!

Anda bila lagi??? lagi lama anda tunggu...lagi byk lemak terkumpul!!!

yg paling best! lelaki dan wanita boleh menikmati BLS tanpa had jantina

ianya pilihan bijak bagi mereka yg BIJAK memilih kehidupan sihat utk keluarga :D

Testimony from Ms Roslinda n hubby:)

It's been quite a while that i haven't update you on my testimony. I have started actively on Bios Life Slim from Nov'10 til now. I was being skeptical abt this slimming products. Coz i have tried all kind of slimming products. Be it from the shelves, consulting doctors or going to slimming centre. Not only i waste lots of $$, but also my weight keep putting on. Am glad that i met u & decided to give it a try & now im loving it!! Im loving it more coz i can wear size 'S' now.

And now my hubby too is joining with Bios Life Slim prog. Am so glad that he's been taking BLS diligently. These are the statistics from my hub the 1st day he started on BLS -

Wgt - 75 kgs
Shoulder - 17.5"
Waist - 39"
Hip - 41"
Thigh - 21"

Wgt - 73.2 kgs
Shoulder - 17"
Waist - 38"
Hip - 41"
Thigh - 20"

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