Thursday, August 11, 2011

Who wants FREE trip to Maldives???....


Yehuuuuu peeps!

U hear me!!!

UNICITY is giving FOC trip happening November 2011

Book now and fly with us ;))


Lagoon Suites
ClubMed Kani, Maldives

the vacation is for REAL and it is PER-CUMA!!! :D

utk yg suka jalan-jalan makan angin tu atau yg terliur bila tgk blog org lain pergi Maldives tuari...atau yg dah pergi tapi nak pergi lagi dan lagi.....

jangan lepaskan peluang melancong FREE dgn kami!
bawa passport & duit shopping aje cos semua ditanggung beres


rasanya....tak perlu kot bila da sampai sini!
uols hanya perlu menikmati sepuas-puasnya suasana santai di sana bersama rakan atau partner tercinta!

hanya sediakan ongkos to buy souvenirs bwk balik Malaysia saja!

what a view! masyallah cantik kan?... gulp! *gayat*

for real n bukan sekadar Palm Garden Hotel Putrajaya ye ;)

nice kan!

u can see the beautiful corals

Air Taxi yg sexy! color Air Asia tu

Stay @ Lagoon Suites direct access to the sea :)
omg! turun bawah trus bole swim ya...
The new Lagoon Suites are built on stilts, offering a panoramic view of the Indian ocean. Each private suite has a terrace and you can go snorkeling right from your own doorstep.

indoor bathub yg sexy juga ;)

Chillex @ Mantra lounge


Jom! baca review!

kita kasi feeling feeling Maldives kejap!

jgn lupa pario + oversize shades + underwater camera ok!

Club Med Kani, Maldives

Located on a private island on the Maldives archipelago, Club Med Kani is a little paradise bathed in turquoise waters. Between diving in the underwater world and the pleasure of sampling the exquisit flavours of cuisine from all over the world, Kani is an Eden of all lovers of relaxation and discovery.

A Club Med resort that surrounds you in refinement; in the settings, dining and activities. A new concept of luxury in a relaxed atmosphere. Club Med Kani's NEW 5T luxury space is designed to cater to the special requirements of guests staying in the Lagoon Suites. With completely private lounge - Mantra Lounge - located at the nexus of the elevated timber walkways above the lagoon with 360 degree views. The Mantra Lounge has a concierge at the entrance, and is furnished with daybeds and arm chairs. It also includes a library of books, newspapers and magazines as well as a working area with computers and free wifi access, card and board games and an open Bar and snacking area.

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How to get the free trip???

call/ pm me


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