Friday, July 8, 2011

What??? Feel like giving up...

I love to share all the great testimonies with you peeps, here's another one!

You'r only in your 1st month n u feel like giving up?
You'r at at your 2nd box and u r dissapointed that u've shed only 'mini' inches?
You'r dazzled why SHE or HE can lost that much inches?

But, Your body is telling you that the fats hv been seated in YOU for many years!
But, Your food is cautioning you to EAT ME moderately!
But, The product is reminding you that i am NOT a magic portion!

However, your MIND & HEART are guiding you to be diligent & discipline...

Meet Rose' Hidayah, a young busy mum. She was disappointed with the product on her consumption of her first box after not getting any results and she even stopped consuming.

However, after seeing more and more testimonies coming up in large numbers, she gave herself another shot and was very much dilligent and dis...ciplined with her consumption this time round. She took Clearstart to detox first and then followed by Bios Life Slim.

The resullts?

She is now a product lover that she has joined the Business as a Franchise Owner!

Friends, results varies with individual and our body needs to be regulated and trained to adapt to the changes.

Be patient and don't give up. You have in your hands a World Class product

Worry less and enjoy your slimming journey!

Join the Happy Life Project journey now!


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