Wednesday, July 6, 2011

too good to be true...

Most of use hv desire to loose weight/ inches but many didnt hv guts to take the challenge :(

only for those who are willing....

Bios Life Slim will bring great transformation in your life :)

Sharing testimonial from Zailin consumer Rosnani ;)

I have always been on the heavier side of the scale. My quests to find a solution to my weight issues seemed to be a never-ending crusade and a constant battle that I have to deal with. But during my first ever pregnancy, I put on a whopping 26kg on top of my existing baggage. Unfortunately, ...I lost only 10kg of those excess weight after delivery. I tried many ways to shed the rest of the 16kg; slimming centre, acupuncture slimming, meal replacement and other crappy diets. I’d drop 3-4kg and the weight would bounce. I also had doctor’s prescription for hunger suppressants but the side effects got in the way of my daily activities which I felt, was not a very healthy thing.

When I first heard of Bios Life Slim , well it did sound too good to be true. I mean, cmon u can still eat ur fav foodie and still lose weight?? But being on an eternal quest for a weightloss solution, I gave it a shot. I love the taste and the protocol seems quite simple to adhere. I was told that I need not cut my food intake, but naturally, I beg to differ. To my surprise, I didn’t even have to cut down because my appetite and cravings were naturally reduced with no side effects! For the first 2weeks however, I felt rather bloated after my meals but as I persevered, the changes in my body became more apparent and as we speak, I am getting positive comments from friends and family.

I shed inches most obviously around my hips and thighs. And I’m looking forward to more inches loss especially around my tummy area. Size 8 here I come! Unicity, you’re awesome! Thanks Kak Lin for introducing this product to me.

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