Monday, July 11, 2011

Clear Your Body! Clear Your Tummy!

This is what you need before taking Bios Life Slim

Great News! The Clearstart 30-Day Cleansing Program is now available in Malaysia.

The Clearstart 30-Day Cleansing Program should be the first step in any health, weight management or beauty regimen. The Clearstart 30 Pack consists of 3 great products; LiFiber, Nature’s Tea & Paraway Plus. Used together as advised, these 3 products provide an intensive 30 days digestive cleansing program to help you feel better and look better too. In addition, many people benefitted by taking the LiFiber product daily throughout the year.

When your digestive system is working at its optimal, you will maximize your well-being and address a variety of health concerns. Moreover, your body will absorb the essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals more efficiently to optimize health benefits.

Get your Clearstart 30 Pack now!


Chlorophyll Powder
Green Food in the Prevention of Disease
  • water soluble chlorophyll is derived from natural plant
  • helps cleanse the blood
  • strengthens cells
  • Encourages production of hemoglobin
  • Feeds and cleanses the blood at the cellular level from improved health
  • to treat stomach illness, bad breath and body odor
* mix 1 teaspoon with 250ml of water, use daily

Start with Bios Life Slim on Day 6th onwards
get it now!

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