Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yes!!! I finally found my LOVE at UNICITY :)

Me, Nurul & our Asian mentor in ths franchise business, PD Shalina former Mrs Singapore Universe (Mrs Smile for Mrs Universe 2009)

If u decided to do business, make sure do thorough research abt the company, hw long have they existed, can their products support your business, r they realiable?

Never fall into the "Quick Rich Scam"...for us in Unicity, we nvr tell anyone its easy to earn the money but what we promise Its Real People, Real Product, ...Real Result..very low investment n in return you get the products, risk free, money back guarantee, whole life member, franchise owner of 26 countries ard the world. what u need to do to earn $9000/mth in afew months just be committed (not 24/7), be a good student, follow the leaders, attend seminars/trainings, read motivational books and the best of it all, be the consumer of our products yourself :)

You can enjoy our World Class Supplements (testimony proven, 11 listed in Pyscian Desk Reference 2010), and while you take care of your health and family, you can start the business and create the expenses you made for the supplements to massive income.

Within no time, the very low investment you made to be franchise owner, you will gain back and this is sincerely true. That is why i join this business! i dont have to think so much about pushing people to apply BIG LOAN (this is bad), having BIG capital, paying rental, paying and exchange for stocks, getting staff to work for me.

In fact with the commitment and dedication only, now i'm seeing $$$$ on every 20th off the month :)

I'm welcoming anyone there who are keen, do join our group! PM me and i'll be glad to assist you :)

"Happy Life Project"


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