Thursday, June 30, 2011

Life Changing Experience

Hi peeps!

Bios Life Slim helped many of us to loss inches and here, I wanted to share some testimonies from my business partners/ friend in their Bios Life Journey

Lets start with my Mentor in this business :)
PD Shalina Ismail
she started Bios Life Slim back in 2010 and her compelxion is more radiant & flawless (not only face but overall ok!), loss inches and looks healthy and pretty!

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Diabetic patient Mr Jazz

Picture taken in Bandung last year Aug 2010. Since the day wifey found out i hv diabetes, she bought a handful of supplements for me. Her bestfren A, can vouch for that.

Besides that, i also tried the tradional methods.. I hv to take 24 capsules in a day excluding my medications... errm.. it helps me a liittle but the reading has nvr been tat good..

And it was a wake up call for me when my Doctor commented that my eyesights has red spots in it. Whc means i may go blind in 10 yrs if i dun take care of it!

To make matter worst n stressful, wifey created a "diary" for me to update my daily activities i.e. what i eat, how many cigarettes per day, the no of exercise per week etc.. duh!!!!

Wan Jazz

The new Wan

Correspondence from Insurance company

"The new me.. after trying all kinds of supplements, u name it A-Z, Bios Life is the best! Honestly!!! The reading speaks by itself.. n I lost some fats.. my tummy has trimmed dwn.. I can see prints from far! Iv never feel as energetic as before!"- Wan

"Wan, why you never tell me this earlier? I bought a lot of diet pills. $800 you know. And yours so cheap..Hehe.. Will update you soon?" - colleague Nisa

"Iv been pooing for 10 days already.. The stool so soft.. Not that kind of diarhoe pain.. I like when more “GOLD” come out.. Hehe" - colleague, E Eng

"I checked the weighing scale n I lost 4 kg. My jeans is loose especially at the thigh area. This is really good. I also cut down on rice intake, im eating more protein now. Hubby should take also for his tummy." - Ex schoolmate, H

"Wan, am I the only Indian taking it? Looks like so many chinese and Malay taking it. Say Thanks to your wife. She is so detail n patient! Watch out for the new me!" - colleague, D Muthusamy


Mrs Jazz aka Dyla Jazzy
My Director
Seing Hubby's changes in juz 3 weeks, i am curious as how this little sachet can do wonder.. juz by drinking it??? huh?

And my best fren Sis Z, bought it first.. Everyday Sis Z will send me msgs telling me how nice is the drink, she feel fuller, she enjoyed going to the loo... Out of curiosity, i tried it myself..

After 22 days, juz 22 days... iv seen changes.. I can fit into my old jeans, my office pants, my favourite skirt.. all this hv been seating in the wardrobe for 2 years.. Gosh!!! My love handles are gone.. i feel so energetic.. im lovin it..

N i bought it for my mum and the words spread to my aunts n frenz.. the product simply speaks by itself...

You need to drink Bios Life Slim at least twice in a day along with your meals. This will train your body to burn away the excess fat forever. There will be no jitters, hunger, or any kind of confusion which is often associated with other weight-loss products or programs; and they create a slimmer, more active, as well... as more attractive you.

Mr businesspartner Ifa
she look amazing with her new slim figure n sharpe face

the best part about Bios Life and Bios Life Slim...u just consume the drinks and get slim!!!
No Diet! No Starvation as u can have your 3x meal in a day, No Corset, No Slimming Centre ;)

Everyone is enjoying Bios Life Slim!

Drink & Slim!!!

be part of our "Happy Life Project" team!

call/pm me now to know how?


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