Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Life Project Kick-Start!

Hi peeps!

Ramai yg tanya...yani, do you get involved with the Happy Life Project ni?

Tell me about the Happy Life Project pls.....

well..... to tell the truth

it is just a simple project for you to accomplish

kalau ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan ;)

how long???

not that long... (it takes only about 3-5 yrs)


Come and join us to explore what Happy Life Project is all about....

its kinda simple n no stress project :)

we share the good things with best result

we have more than 10 BEST PRODUCTS listed in Physician's Desk Reference (PDR)

consume it, feel it and share it....

how to get started?....

its just simple!

lets meet, casually mingle with us and we will share with you!

straight forward event, with "NO CHICKEN DANCE" or SING A SONG Lalala or whatsoever...

you'll be able to meet the TOP achievers in ths project

participants are among multi-racial :)

Real product, real people n real testimonies....

seat with them with no restriction, first come first serve basis...
d nearer u sit, d more positive aura u'll get! - just like i did ;))

what are d books that we shud read...sounds typical but true...

sharing their happy life journey

we also have Top achiever in ths project with an accountant background
he left his job just to be with 'us'

basically.. the HLP is project for everyone who wants to attain 100% happiness in life

wrap -up..within hours ;)

wellsaid... this is the most simple & best event I ever attend

masa singkat!

info padat!

see....i still look fresh & can still smile

happy event for happy people :))

join us fr the next event that can show you how to attain the 100% Happy Life – enjoying Health, Wealth & Freedom from health, money & time concerns.

Armada Hotel PJ, 30th July (Sat) 1pm

book you seat now!


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