Monday, February 8, 2010


salam peeps,
lama juga i berhenti blogging ya, my main reason, busy sebagai fulltime mommy to Dania dan takde mood but tiba2 terpanggil untuk mencari article ini untuk dikongsi bersama para2 ibu dan bapa sekalian bilamana hujung minggu yg lepas kami dihantui dgn tangisan dania yg tak boleh nak 'poop' langsung. mood swing, kejap, nangis, kejap garang, kejap x bagi kita tgk dia, keja nk pukul2 kita, kejap dia menjerit macam kena histeria dera , jadi mood shopping kami terpaksa dicancel bila da sampai D Curve..disebabkan oleh apa? mungkin helper i telah mengfeed toddler ini dgn ribena dan sebyk2 susu tanpa dia sulami dgn plain water. bila i caught her, ada masanya dia buat susu dgn air room tempreature je dan hanya sedikit saje..sedikit sgt ok air panas yg dicampurkan n resulted to dania merana c.o.n.s.t.i.p.a.t.i.o.n

i sama2 menangis hiba bila tgk dia menangis n menjerit2 cos stool nye x bole keluar sampaikan kejang2 kaki dan tangannya. adoiiii ya ampun! kelam kabut dibuatnya, kejap i dudukkan dia atas toilet bowl, kejap i suruh dia cangkung dlm bathup, kejap i picit mont*t dia biar kepala naj*s itu bole melolosi lubang mont*t yg kecil itu, da masuk 2 hari n u just imagine kalau kita yg adult ni x bole poop utk 2 hari, alamat, angin naik kelapa nk mood swing kan? inikan budak kecik. sure la dia meragam cos perut da kembung, makan da banyak, tangki da penuh tapi x boleh nak unload. alamatnya dia menjerit mcm kerasukan..uwaaa!!!!!!! push! push! uuurrgg! urggg!!! urgggg!!! push!!! da mcm org nk sambut org beranak je bunyinya

apa2 pun i rasa sebagai parents n moral of d story, haruslah kita buat diet yg seimbang utk anak2 dan pantau apa yg maid buat utk anak kita untuk menjamin yg 'constipation' yg teruk ini tidak akan berulang lagi, ..kesian mummy tgk dania...but i felt relief bila saat dia berjaya mengeluar seketul besoooO azimat itu...yup she managed to push d stool out with her own strength yg da nyawa2 ikan tu. bravo! muka yg da comot dgn airmata, air idung n kemerahan tu bertukar ceria tiba2 sambil tersenyum2 berjoget2 dlm toilet bathtub satu kepuasan bila malapetaka tu da keluar walapun lubang mont*tnya da kemerah-merahan mcm kera bermont*t merah dlm Animal Planet :)


Toddler Constipation

Toddler Constipation is a subject that I feel is real important to discuss. It can be overlooked why your child is becoming constipated. A simple diet change can sometimes be all that is needed to cure the problem. Not all cases are this simple that is why it is always best to consult your pediatrician first about these concerns.

Constipation is very common in children. It is usually caused by a diet that is low in fiber, drinking to much milk and your child not drinking enough water. Holding a BM for a toddler especially during the potty trainingstage, can cause constipation. My son experienced this and I felt so bad for him. Constipation causes hard and painful stools, which often causes toddlers to be afraid of making a bowel movement and holding it in, further making the constipation worse.

What are some Signs of Toddler Constipation?

  • Less frequent bowel movements. If it goes longer that 3 days without a bowel movement, especially if that is not normal for your child.
  • Dry hard stools that hurt to pass. If your child is really struggling to have a BM and their face turns red while trying to go, than that is not normal.
  • If you are in the potty training process, than your toddler can become afraid to have a BM on the big potty. This may cause a perfectly “regular” child to become constipated. I will talk about what you can do to help with this later on.

What can I do to help TREAT or PREVENT Toddler Constipation?

  • Make sure your child is drinking enough fluids -- juice, and water. If your child is dehydrated, her stool will become harder, leading to constipation. The main point also is that your toddler should be given water on a regular basis. I think that some parents forget to give our babies water. They need water just as much as we do. Include it in their diet.
  • Fiber and whole grains in their diet. Your toddler may not be getting the right amount in their daily intake. The United States Department of Agriculture recommends three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit daily for 2- to 6-year-olds. This is easier than you think. Try giving healthy snacks like raisins and carrot sticks. This can sometimes be an easy fix. Apples are a great source of fiber.
  • Be careful with dairy products. My son’s pediatrician told me that dairy products can sometimes “bind” toddlers up. You have to monitor exactly how much cheese and milk is incorporated in their diet. Talk to the doctor about the right amounts to give daily to your toddler. Two to three servings of dairy per day are adequate for a toddler. (One serving equals ½ cup milk)
  • Exercise. That is correct. The amount of activity in your toddler’s day is important. Your child needs movement. Movement causes blood flow to their digestive system. You also want your child to learn healthy habits that they will take with them throughout their lives. Start them out early parents!!
  • Encourage your toddler (if they are potty trained), to sit on the potty for 5-10 minutes after meals, even if they do not have to go. THIS WORKS. My step-son had problems with constipation and his pediatrician recommended this. Children tend to be so busy that they do not focus on listening to their bodies. I don’t know how many times my step-son said he didn’t have to go and when we had him go sit, he ended up going. Don’t force your child to sit long you do not want them to look at going to the bathroom as a punishment. However it is a good habit for them to practice. They can read a book or play a video game. It allows them to just take a rest and relax.

** If Toddler Constipation is occurring because of potty training:

  • What I did was put a diaper or pull-up back on my son when he started screaming like he had to go poo. He had the big potty mastered to go pee but he was so afraid of the big potty that he would hold it. When I put the diaper back on him he would have a BM. I realized that it was just going to take longer for this part of the potty training. It ended up taking a month and then he finally went on the big potty all the time for both. Again, re assure your toddler to not be afraid, it is okay and that you will just put a diaper back on until they are ready. It worked for my son and I hope that your family doesn’t experience this but, if you do this may work.

* Special Note: DO NOT give your toddler over the counter laxatives, enemas or suppositories unless a Doctor has told you to do so. You do not know what can be harmful to your child. ALWAYS contact your pediatrician before giving a child any medication. Remember to discuss toddler constipation with the Doctor the minute you realize a problem is beginning. Don’t wait.

I realize that this subject is common in children but I also wanted to talk about the importance of prevention. This may not be the case with every child, but we as parents need to embrace a healthy lifestyle and realize how crucial it is. A healthy diet may be able to prevent toddler constipation. We have to live a healthy lifestyle for our families. It matters more than you know.

** I am not a Doctor or Licensed Professional in the field of toddler constipation. I am simply a work from home Mom wanting to help others with my own personal tips and advice. You should always contact your pediatrician with questions and concerns about toddler health. **

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:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

babe u tak bwk g jumpe doctor?
i remember that mr.doc penah ckp ade ubat to soften the stool...but not sure for kids ok ke tak...cube u try ask around

snowiffy said...

owh! bila da panic i lupa smua la u. m a bad mommy! aah..i was thinking to consult my family doc later. kot2 ada syrup utk si kecik ni. kesian sgt bila tgk dia nangis. tks babe :)

Ella said...

dear..lenkali better bring her jumpa doc cepat2 tau.

mmg ada ubat selalu jap thru montot baby...

sian dania... i know how u feel..

Anonymous said...

Hi Yani,
kalau toddler susah sgt nak poo poo, blh standby ubat montot rm0.50 per tiub, lps cucuk jer kat montot kuar terus poo dia.. tp xblh buat kerap..
take care.. :)

~Eila @ Along~ said...

sis yanie...
siannye dania...kalo i pun mesti kalut + nanges sekali..
yelah nak tolong die tapi tak tau cara..huhu
takpe..ade hikmah kan...hehe

eynda said...

Yanie...hannah pernah jadi gak...kesian....tapi cepat2 pegi jumpa doc...kasi sumbat ubat ikut montot....dlm 5 minit keluar le segalanyer....lega tengok hannah senyum2 balik....kalau tak susah hati tengok dia ...hannah jadi kalau dia makan banyak sekarang dah kurangkan coklat utk dia...

aidie said...

hello dear..

i think its not good to give her Ribena. my paed always tell me dont ever give the kids ribena. every time i visit the paed mesti dia ckp benda yg sama. the sugar level in ribena is not good for the kids..

snowiffy said...

ella : tula pasal, bila da panic i lupa smua benda btw kesian pulak nk hangkut dia pi jumpa doc time tu cos mmg kepala da nmpk n for sure dia x bole nk kepit kaki mcm or jln mcm biasa. nk tanak terpaksa i tekan kasi keluar. bila da kuar, dia lega i pun lega. phew!

snowiffy said...

anon : i ada dgr ps julap tu but penah cuba la. takut nk buat

snowiffy said...

eila : mmg sgt genting situasi itu. lebh genting dr tgk kucing nk beranak..huhu

snowiffy said...

eynda : ya bad cos i beli choco moist cake n i askd my helper to feed her wit tat, must b one of d reason dia problem to pass motion. btw mmg da stop giving her choco products since tat ;)

snowiffy said...

aidie : alahai..betul ke ribena not good fr toddlers. bukan ke ada blackcurrent dlm tu? apa minuman terbaik utk diaorg? fresh fruit juices ya? shud i stop giving her ribena>

ninie said...

hi.. i ni just ur silent reader jer but then just nk kongsi pengalaman... my dotter penah jd mcm tu sampai berdarah hokey.. mengelabah i di buat nye.. FYI doter i tu mmg tak suka minum ayor masak, nak yg manis je.. n i tak encourage dia minum air manis.. so kekadang tu mmg kurang la minum air... tp from my observation la kan... sometimes susu formula yg kita bg tu pun boleh sbbkan dia constipate... n sebelum ni walaupun my doter kurang minum air dia xpenah constipate sehinggalah dia minum this kinda brand of FM... sbb dr kecik mmg xpenah kene, alih2 dh besar ni, bila i change susu dia kene.. so then i realized susu tu yg buat dia constipate... so cuba try n error another FM.. n mcm u ckp, maid u pkai redah je bancuh kan.. so bg tau kt ur maid, bancuh ikut sukatan.. haih~ suka2 je dia bancuh susu... sian budak tu...

Anonymous said...

My paed doesn't encourage Rib*na and drinks like V*tagen either because of the high sugar content for toddlers. There are juices for babies/toddlers made by Heinz. They have quite a few flavours like apple and pear. I buy mine from Cold Storage. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

alaa syian baby. for juices, boleh try apple/pear juice from heinz or gerber. 1/3 juice, 2/3 water.

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