Saturday, September 19, 2009

iftar with bloggers

we had a blast bloggers catch up over iftar on last thur. thanks for making it up ladies as even hujan da mula turun dan spt biasa kl akan jadi jam yg sgt teruk! zety and hanis arrived early and i was quite shocked to knw that d reservation made a day early by me was not on list ? biar betul!?!?! kelam kabut juga but zety managed to safe d kan-chongness by making new rsvp..harus squeeze k!nasib baik dpt table yg ok compared to d one they proposed earlier.

best sgt bila dpt jumpa ramai2 and fynn was supposed to join us but she got family gathering to attend d same nite. as for d ladies makan2, lepak2, gosssipppppp and we are among the last guests left d place bila jam hampir 12midnite biasalah kalau da jumpa ramai2, byk benda nk citer but yet masa sgt mencemburi kami and terpaksala berpisah.
lets hv another big gathering after raya ok! pesanan to hanis : have a safe trip back to lancang, pahang for raya. verde : enjoy ur raya n seronok ye braya dgn family2 yg sgt dekat!!!! zetty: u gotta b strong gal and stay cool, u masih cantik and i'll pray fr ur happiness :) to the rest bloggers. Selamat Menyambut Syawal dan berhati2 semasa makan dan memandu!



Selamat Hari Raya K Yanie ! First time commenting tapi selalu je visit this blog.hehe

k yanie lost a lot of weight ea ? How did you do it?

Btw, im from Shah Alam too..:)

The Queen Bee said...

ahakk gedikkkss!!

selamat hari rayaa..

im in kuantan now ;)

MommyCT said...

Selamat Hari Raya!
Bila nak update citer raya u?

snowiffy said...

princessa : selamat belated hari raya. my bad coz lmbt nk reply comment ere. sllu just hop in hop off je. nk tau rahsia kurusss...jom try LUMIGLOW

hanis : hihi

mommy CT : citer raya ek? nnti la..x tu mana nk mula..hihi.

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