Friday, March 13, 2009

yang mana satu???

Both~discontinued models but lately ni, terasa nk sangat!!!
And now the bag hunting begin.........

Louis Vuitton Pleaty '05 ~really pretty :)
rm5.4k last rack price @ local boutique (definitely i won't spent tis much unless i gotta cheap @ 50% or more ;)

Christian Dior Gaucho Flap Bag Medium '06 ~ really Macho!!!
rm2.5k during last season sale for a brand new but I don't mind paying half of d price for pre-loved ;)


Aida Narina said...

Hi darling :)

Owh, Gaucho please. Nasib baik i xready lagi beli sbb xberkerja, but i was hoping to get Gaucho for my first designer handbag since the price here is abt the same as LV Speedy (yang the simplest one is guess). :)

p/s: i have linked yours too :)

Fynnaz said...

Wah dah angau balik yer. Haha sama ler kita. Jom kita scout bag nnt yek. I nak try carik preloved MC dulu hehe. As for both tu I takleh decide ler. Pleaty tu I rasa bit small so I opt for Gaucho lah kot.

Mrs LVoe said...

Gaucho plsss..

Nadia Dzai said...

Yanie, I link urs tooooo.. .Gaucho laa.. ehehe.. I off to UK next month (so far sgt confirm! :p) for 2 weeks, if you nak pesan.. okay jee.. I'm dyinnggggg nak pegi Bicester by myself! :p

Ninie said...

i like both...bestnya nak dpt hb lagik...nanti reveal yer..

haneebee said...

Kak Yanie,
That day ada someone nk let go her gaucho around 2K. Nnt i tanya kalau-kalau the bag is still available.

lady of leisure said...

hi babe, amik lah dua2 hehehe. or get the gaucho first, then the LV. okay kan? the blue gaucho is very nice. or are u thinking of a different kaler?

Nana said...

hmmm mahal nye preloved gaucho tu?? its the same price for a brand new one if you purchase it at bicester! Seriously!

I think Malaysia's second hand market ni too mahal lah! people buy overseas and sell it at a higher price for second-hand bags. mahal oooo! hmmmmmm

haneebee said...

Kak Yanie,
I found your LV pleaty tu pricenye round RM3.2K (pre-loved). If u interested, let me know ya.

For gaucho, sudah dijual. She said that gaucho is quite heavy. Sbb tu dia jual. Br pakai sekali. =(

DaZzlingLilLy said...


The Queen Bee said...

i have that gaucho. kaler sebijik ,

snowiffy said...

aida : soon your day will come k! gaucho calf leather whereby speedy not fully leather. gaucho still d best pick :)

fynn : ya cik fynn..mari bersama-sama kita angau beg k.~welcome to d cluB! hahaha

sha : ya gaucho n kedua-duanya ;)

nadia : happy holiday n happy shopping ya darling! aiyarrkk!! i nk ikut gak pi bicester bole (jadi tukang angkat shopping bag u je) btw, i've got both here. thks fr offering me ;)

ninie : yes dear, will share d pix soon :)

haneebee: thx fr info hanee, i da dpt da n cukup murah *wink*wink. thks fr all d infos dear.

ladyleisure : a'ah da amik 2-2 sekali n pay fr 1 price only~dpt da..hehehe. d gaucho is in off white. suke

nana : x mahal la cik nana. u'll be surprise to knw brapa i dpt fr both bags. btw mmg datin2 kt sini bought overseas n jual balik but no so mahal if u knw whr to get it. trust me!

lily : gauchoo yess!!!

hanis: owh really! nice color but mine in off white :)

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