Friday, January 2, 2009

NYE 2009 dinner

We didn't plan to celebrate New Year Eve but m so bored to celebrate like tahun-tahun sudah.
(we watched d fireworks from d balcony sambil mkn popcorn, yucks!)

So off we went to damansara but our fav place Victoria Station was packed with ppl. keta parking sampai keluar main road. was a bit upset psl x bole nk makan TBone but since hajat mmg nk keluar takan la nk berpatah balik kan? so he drove to BSC n we hop into Chilli's. Coincidence met Mimi n Man n they joined us fr dinner. d more d merrier..seronok!

The menu are........

triple plate
caesar salad
lamb shoulder
crispy fillet

mushroom jack
Molten Chocolate cake for dessert ditapau Man n Mimi coz they gotta rush for NY countdown @ Ikano

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