Monday, January 12, 2009

Bags Spa

dearest reader,

eventho' i've promised myself not to blog in awhile but i just couldn't stop myself from visiting and reading others entry :)

i kinda miss my rest bloggers online yang setia membaca or at least membuat lawatan tak rasmi to my blog (thanks fr yr support guys!!!)

so here's he latest topic to share after reading Iza's blog (ThePinkStilettos)

feel like to promote d place which i pun x pernah sent my item for treatment pun ;)

to the rest bag-aholics some info on this BagSpa (bag pun ada spa tau!!!)

Le'Shine Bag Services Sdn Bhd (S'pore-Msia-I'ndsia)
08-08, Level 8 Berjaya Time Square 1
Jalan Imbi 55100 Kuala Lumpur

t. 03 2144 5563

operating hrs.
mon-sat : 12pm-7pm
sun : 1pm - 5pm
close on p.holidays

services include
cleaning, leather color restoration, disinfecting, polishing, repellent

specialized in :-
bags, wallets, shoes. hats, jackets, belts, luggage, watches, sunglasses, accessories etc

contact person :
gabriel ang wee leng, gm
hp. 016 783 8238

so to those bag-aholics yang terasa nak hantar your dearie handbags yg dah KOPAM or KUSAM dan sebagainya sila lawati tempat yang tertera di atas and let me know whether d price is reasonable or not before i cud send mine ;) to share ur experience wit me pulak ya!


Mrs LVoe said...

oohhh yeahhh.. sha baru tpk ttg bags spa nie. dok tcari2 kat mane ade.. thanks for sharing sis.

snowiffy said...

no prob nisha. yup i oso heard tis place charged x brapa mahal ;) so apa lagi..bole anto ur bags for spas la..picit2, urut2...hehehe

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