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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nov 11th, 08..arrghhh!!!

I got shocked when Mr. B called @ 10.20am when he's abt to go work. He left home but did not stop at the mgmts' office to lodge report.

Hubby : Yang, errr....ada org sprayed my front car boot :(

Me : What????....gggrrrrr...sape punya keja!!!!

HuBBi : I dunno who, but i got to realize this morning

Me : Any suspect?

HuBBi : Nope...dunno la sape lagi yg dengki..
Me : Da lodge report to mgmt office?

HuBBi : Tak kuasa la i... our house break-in pun xde update, ni kan pulak car kena spray.. I malassS!!!
i know how frustrated he is :(

Me : Xpe la i go to yr office later to take pic n lodge report to nearest police station k.
(kena volunteer myself la pak)

(tak pepasal i gotta take a day off just to run errand pegi police station, and condos' mgmt office to hv all these recorded fr safety our purposes (can we call all these an errand ke???)
sapela punya kerja yg dengki dgn kebahagian kami suami isteri?...moga2 Allah berikan petunjuk kepada hambanya yg sesat itu. Amin

Hubs 'upah' me lunch at Yummy-yummy Subang Crt 9 for my hardwork. TQ!TQ!TQ!

muka poyo ala-ala macik,mmg penat belari ke sana-sini

n ini upahnya....

sedapnyaaa...tak terhingga!!! i just luv d
homemade crispy taufo

While doing errand, teringat psl PETROL REBATE which i haven't claimed n i went straight to the nearest post office to claim it for RM625.00 . Best juga dpt duit free ;)

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Sweettooth said...

dahsyat betul lah area condo u tu kan? ngeri...ngeri...

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