Friday, November 14, 2008

weekend updates

Last saturday we sent both cars for service @ DriveIn Hartamas workshop and the bills came up to :

RM1,599.30 for my boo (changed 4 new tyres + service)

RM516.30 normal service fr hubs boo

At nite I received call from my bro who works in Spore. He's in KL with his colleague and we treat them dinner at The Lodge Poolside Cafe. We had so much fun, eating n chatting and counting vehicles passing by menara usual when it comes to saturday nite, traffic's terrible!!!

wit my bro ajit d 'fashion victim' hehehe...

The food we ordered.....yummy!!! yummy!!!

ginger beef gravy kueytiaw

fried kueytiaw

fried loh fun mee

spicy tomyam mee

teochew porridge

rice with sweet n sour chicken

Actually we also did some shopping at The Gardens before dinner, which B grabbed for me a lovely blouse and i reward myself with a pair of scandal from Isetan. huBBi picked his fav chocolates from Marks & Spenser and i took away cakes from Alexis

Crescendo blouse frm Isetan

Lewre wedge scandal

chocos frm M&S

Fruity choco meringue and bread butter pudding


mimielola said...

Love the Crescendo top!

DaZzlingLilLy said...

Me too lurve the blouse

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