Monday, November 3, 2008

weekend therapy

Stay at home on sat morning, laying on bed while hubs having MACOBA golf tournament at Impiana, Kajang since morning. Heading myself to Aman Suria at noon to joined the rest colleague for final raya open hse at our Tourism Zoom Malaysia tvc film director's place - halid yunus, he's leaving for haj on month end. "Moga dpat haji yg mabrur...Amin"

his catch

n both decided to hv d gravy ginger beef kuey-tiaw (must try) @ The Lodge

introducing new menu ....we called it kari kepah/ clams fry with a lil bit of curry powder, curry leaf, n chilli SEDAP!!!

Basically the w'kend was occupied getting his stuffs n N.O.N.E for myself.
M not in d mood of shopping tho n ended up dinner at The Lodge Hotel Poolside Cafe and we had Raju banana leaf rice on Sunday noon n Domino's Pizza at nite.

@ raju ss17

banana leaf rice @ Raju Gasing

Domino's BBQ chic n flaming tuna fr dinner


Ninie said...

errmmm yummie nya nmpak makanan tuu.. cantiknya nmpak ur mahina..walaupun nmpak sikit je dlm pic tu... :-)

gurl said...

i love raju's onion sotong. makan dengan roti canai. n raju's kuah dal is heaven! hehe

oh ye kak yanie, ive invited u to my blog. using ur yahoo account


snowiffy said...

ninie : mmg yummie fr org yg x pandai masak cam i...hehehe nyways TQ, missy mahina malu nk exposed lebey2..

gurl : onion sotong dia mmg SEDAP!!! but since we went thr quite late, dia goreng pakai minyak yg da recycled 100x kot, it turn out to be hitam garing..but mak belasah je. kuah dal pun sodap! eh mana satu email u???

gurl said...

erk salah ke?

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