Wednesday, November 19, 2008

dinner date wit hubs - TGIF

Its rain cats n dogs while i was still in office juggling with work n some proposals. Pening fikir nk balik kalau hujan ni. sure jalan jam gile. i got frustrated every time nk drive back all d way to SA via nkve. JAM! JAM! JAM! ARGGhhhHHH! it is such an horrible experience if i have to go tru d terrible traffic again :(

TGIF n besok tak keja when i received call from Mr. B and he asked to meet up @ Victoria Station damansara which is 10 min away from my office n d best is there r no traffic at all. Jalan smooth gile even hujan lebat. Mr B is already there. Since hujan lebat, perut lapar we just grabbed the menu n here goes...

the VS signature - T' Bone

salad for Mr. B

VS Black Pepper Steak (better than Tony Roma's)

me having seafood chowder soup

we both shared mexican nachos

as usual NO DESSERT
perut Asian kami sudah kenyang yg amat!!!


DaZzlingLilLy said...

VS signature T' Bone tuh sedapnyer...also my fav...yummy

mimielola said...

Oh I kalau pi sana mesti nak amik Neptune Taurus Delight - haaa smpi dah hafal dah namanya :P

~Eila @ Along~ said...

yanie..eila yg tgk ni pun dah kan plak u yg p makan..hehe

redanna said...


hi, the chowder soup is super delicious! yummy2!

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