Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ooppss!!! we did it again...

As usual, we had no idea what to hv for dinner during weekdays -pasal da exhausted lepas keja. i never tot of what's cooking fr tonight bla..bla..bla..which i never did...once in a blue moon masak maybe la yek!
(but mmg payah nk nampak blue moon tu..ahakss!!!)

Mr. B craving for VS T' Bone. There we go again....

T Bone! T Bone!

a must have mexican nachos

This time, we had d same meal @ d same place ....d T' Bone for two..hahaha
(i got the lembu tua, n d meat is hardly chew n kering gilerrr kkk!!!) Complaint time!!! with VS courtesy they replaced with junior tenderlion which are much better n juicer (no pic, makan abis da cos sedap sgt..lembut x terhingga)....errkkk!!! alhamdulillah kenyang daaa :)

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