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Friday, November 21, 2008

saturday again

Helloooooo peeps...

OMG! Been extremely busy. No time to blog at all! I'm so relieved that last week is over and done. Crazy2 week. Running up and down, outstation etc

The stuff we grabbed @ One Utama n D' Curve last weekend was :-

i cudn't careless about d brand of my blouses lately janji chan-tekss!!! - both are from naichi

john king egg tart n its halal

Nur Nov'08 edition

Mr. B fave white chocos - Ritter Sport

The movie we catched @ Plantium, CineLeisure

-007- Quantum of Solace

wit James Dean poster @ d lounge


we had dinner @ Tony Roma's D Curve before movie

(hubs fave team) Liverpool vs Bolton match

Bountiful Beef Ribs

NY Strip ( i got 10% disc frm this more fat less meat steak)

Caesar salad with 1/2 salmon


Nana said...

oOoOOoO Sedapnye tengok all these food! Gosh! tengok gambar2 camni yang make me wanna take the first flight home!!

Nurhayati said...

woweeeee sedap2 tgk makanan ni semua.. nyum nyum nyum...

snowiffy said...

nana : ha ha ha..apa lagi nana??? balik la cepat2!! Msia ni SYURGA MAKAN..macam-macam adaaa!!!!

yati : bountiful tu sedap but i regret to order NY strip tu, psl byk sgt lemak than meat. Caesar salad dia marvelousss with d biggest bread crumbs i ever had ;)

Mrs LVoe said...

i love lamb chop kat ctu.. mkn smpai kenyang. dh full nk bawa kete pun malas. sis i like ur mahina smpai tmimpi2 nie.

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