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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

weekend therapy

Last weekend we off to KL again for more 'gorgeous'catch!!! but before that, we both went to LEvi'S for Hubbi's jeans.. berenti kt England Optical and saw most shades are on SALE. Christian Dior is giving 40%..OOwwhhMG!! should i get the replacement for those yg kena curi?!?!?!?! (i asked hubby, n he said NOPE!!! n walk - off geramnye!!!) left d optical dgn muke sedey!

We then went to PILs place fr lunch and decided to catch movie at Cineleisure for Bangkok Dangerous. .(nice story telling, gorgeous hero n nice galsss)., i just luv Nicholas Cage acting. gorgeous mamat ni!!! ***** five star fr tis action packed movie.

Levi's 523 for both me & hubby @ 40% disc

wats up on SUnDaY???...hubbi wanted to have nasi padang at Selero Nogeri SS15 Subang . .yummy!!! (nasi padang is his favorite) n since subang parade is nearby we stopped there fr hubby's Nike shoes. he got himself a pair of simple Nike sneakers in white+blue (my choice) + socks . we then headed to KL....wherelese???? Bkt Bintang larrr..lepak lepak Pavillion n The Loaf n hehehe...

d most precious catch of d day!!!

Monogram multicolor wallet porte tresor international

Louis Vuitton Mahina XL in Noir

(Taking its name from the range of prêt-à-porter sizes,
this feminine and elegant bag fits snugly on the shoulder or can be hand-held)
a perfect match..i wish fr d matching wallet but tat will cost us arm n leg lar....

(oopsss!!! supposed to meet Verde's on monday morning to pick up my trevi but seriously my period pain is killing me!!! sorry ya verde, i can't make it :(


gurl said...

uhuhu bestnye kak yanie! :) mahina sangat gorjes ok

Nana said...

waaaaahhhhhhhhh Mahina!! damm best!! I love the bag but its too big for me :( .. ooooOoooOooo total enviousness!!! hehe! You are soo lucky!

mimielola said...

OMG, you've got MAHINA!!!!!

naddy said...

wahhh cantiknyaaa lucky you!!

haneebee said...



:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

huwaaaaaaaaaa...why i slalu terupdate thru hp bru dapat tgkkkkkkkkk!!!
CONGRATESSSSS BABE!!! mahina for me is among the most gorgeous designer handbags to date...n its under ur acquisition!!!! sangat jelez...but yeay tonight boley belek2 ur mahinaaaaaaa!!!
so 7pm @ dome klcc k?! ;)
and as said, please bring along missy mahina n that porte tresor intl'...mahu ku belekkkkkk takmo lepas..hehhehehe

snowiffy said...

gurl : thx gal, i nvr tot of havin this real soon, alhamdulillah...ianya mmg gorgeous + slouchy+ chic.

nana: Syukur alhamdulillah dgn rezekiNya. ehh, mayb u can try the mahina in XS tat suits yr petite size, ada upper zip n safer.

lola : u minta mahina juga ye?!?!?!

naddy : i nvr knew its chanteks till i tried it on n terfelt in lurve dgn ke-slouchy-an nye...syukran!

haneebee : best n burst!!!..hehehe

verde : kussssemannggattt!!! yup! tonite i bwk kedua2 sekali utk u drool ek. lama2 pun xpe babe hehehe... confirmed dome klcc ya! .can't wait to c u n missy trevi there!!! calling2 nnti...

C!kPuanMuda said...

hye babe, found ur blog when i googled mine.. ngehngehngeh... i have mahina too!

snowiffy said...

cpm...yeehaaa!!! welcome to mahina club!!!..i love reading yr blog too. suke tgk danish. comey sgt dia, wat a complete family u hv! i lom ada rezeki anak lagi :(

Ninie said...

wow..mahina ..i'm speechless..
i nak beli 1 pun terkebil2 hihih

Mrs LVoe said...

i wat mahina too but size L sis. td dok survey lagi. tabung lum penuh agi. insyaALLAH lagi skettt je

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