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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

CHANEL.... anyone???

Having in mind to own one of these fabulous brand ???? CHANEL!!! hahahah. Masih ku tak mampula. since tak berapa confident dgn kemampuan, i dare not to step into their boutique in KLCC. never tau!!!! hubby tarik aku tolak n i told him tat i still couldn't afford that brand in CASH kalau swipe credit card tu bila2 pun bole tapi nnti utang bank la pulak!!! n furthermore i won't be spending tat much just for a simple bag n for d double 'C' gold plated (betul ke ni???) therefore i just berani skodeng at some of my frens pre-owned shop in KL and here u go

Click! Click! Click!

jumbo limited edition selling at 7.5k

selling at 3.8k

i might not add this to my wish list this year ;) wink* wink* but who knows insyallah dgn izinNya....

next year or in next 2 years kot..or tak yah la beli lansung!


~Eila @ Along~ said...

wah yanie..elegan!

miss R.e.p.u.n.z.a.L said...

beg y rm7.5k tu canteekk bangat.


kak..mahal sgt la..

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...ade latest nye keeeeeeeeeee...i tau yg that navy blue tue...erkssss...menarik nye offer!!!!!!!!

mimielola said...

I still belum boleh 'masuk' dgn Chanel ni. Still kenot!!

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