Friday, September 12, 2008

surprise from hubby!

m blogging from office at this hr before leaving for berbuka puasa at PILs.
hubby called and told that he bought few items back for me from samsung warehouse sales today. m so excited!!! Apa ya??m more than happy when hubby agree to drives back to jb over these weekend for my 1st berbuka with my beloved family.

he came back at nite with this!!!!

Samsung MP3

Samsung digital camera i85

Samsung lcd 32" LA32R81


the dinner we had loh si fun...from golf deck, kgsaas


:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

haaaaaa...let me guess...plasma tv!!!!!!!!!!! but wait, he said, 'for u' rite...maybe, samsung microwaveeeee!!! or toaster...or electric kettle..or cake mixer...fruit juicer...hmmmmm dah abes idea la babeeee...awattttt??? bgtau k

snowiffy said...

yuhoo babe!!!
today barula dpt online. cuti 3 ari da. ur wild guess kureng lebey skit betulla verde. ala-ala fortune teller gitu. hah guess wat??? after grumbling n mumbling almost 3 yrs baru la i dpt lcd 32' fr our master bedroom. asyik2 dok tgk bola dgn dianye toshiba 42..hehehe n additional gift r MP3 n digital camera to replace my cabuk sony cam. btw wat u did last weekend ek? i balik jb la.

~Eila @ Along~ said...

wahhh babe! syok giler dapat gift dr hubby..u r very lucky wife ok..ini namanya rezki bulan ramadahan kan....enjoy!!

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